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Mike Keefe wins 2011 Pulitzer Prize

Just announced – Mike Keefe has won the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning. Mike is the editorial cartoonist for the The Denver Post where he has been since 1975. You can check out his award winning portfolio of work.

In honoring Mike, the judges note:

His widely ranging cartoons that employ a loose, expressive style to send strong, witty messages.

This is the first time Mike has won this prize. Earlier honors include The Fischetti Award (1991, 2007), Sigma Delta Chi Award (1986) and National Headliner Award (1986).

Finalists for this years prize go to Matt Davies (The Journal News, Westchester County, N.Y.) and Joel Pett (Lexington Herald-Leader).

Community Comments

#1 Pat Bagley
@ 1:50 pm

Bringing it home to the Rocky Mountains. Congratulations, Mike!

#2 Vic Harville
@ 1:59 pm

Congrats Mike on getting “THE BIG ONE”

#3 Matt Wuerker
@ 2:14 pm

It’s really great when the Pulitzers single out cartoonists who are truly deserving. This year with Mike… and also Matt and Joel as finalists, they did just that.
Congrats to all three of them, especially Mike!

#4 Jeff Darcy
@ 4:05 pm

His “Gridlock” cartoon was amazing. I just saw the donkey’s
when I first looked at it on the Pulitzer page. Then looked it again on another page and saw the elephants. Brilliant!

For that cartoon and the Arizona paint shade cartoon alone, he
deserved the Pulitzer.

Nice seeing it go to a cartoonist who has been plugging away
for years and is long overdue. Here’s hoping Ohman , Margulies and the rest in that category get their due soon.

Congrats Mr. Keefe!

#5 mike peters
@ 7:31 pm

Congratulation to Mike . Long over due my friend.One time ( In the 80’s)I happened to be in the time magazine offices when they were doing a story on a small group of young editorial cartoonists in the country ( MacNelly, Auth, Etc..) And Mike Keefe was one of them. They were going to have their pictures on the cover. Then some other story over took over and the cover story never happened. Pity, But I’m delighted the Pulitzer committee ( As well as the many other awards he’s won ) Has recognized such a talent. Best to you my buddy.

#6 Ann Telnaes
@ 5:25 am

Completely agree with Mike and Matt- it’s wonderful to see someone who has done really great work for so many years be recognized. Congratulations, Mike!

#7 John Cole
@ 6:53 am

Amen to all the comments foregoing ? Better late than never, as they say. Congratulations, Mike!

(And BTW: He won this year’s Fischetti, as well).

#8 Mike Lester
@ 7:03 am

Congrats to Keefe but I had BHO in the pool for what he “might” draw.

#9 Milt Priggee
@ 7:11 am

The Pulitzers did themselves very well with these choices.
I’ve always felt that Mike was THE most underrated working cartoonist.
It’s nice to know that is no longer so.
CONGRATS to Mike, Joel and Matt….all well deserved.

#10 Paul Fell
@ 7:14 am

Long overdue for Mike, and really well-deserved. His work has been consistently in the top tier of our profession for a long, long time.
Also congratulations to Joel and Matt. A great finalist lineup, to be sure.

#11 Kevin Kallaugher
@ 9:49 am

Though the Pulitzer awards the finest work created in a given year, to me the sign of a great cartoonist is the body of work over an extended period of time. As many posters above have noted, Mike Keefe has rightfully earned a Pulitzer… but more importantly he has earned a place among the elite of the profession due to a consistantly strong, professional and principled portfolio stretching over decades. I would like to join my colleagues in saluting him for his award and great achievement.

#12 Steve Barr
@ 1:03 pm

CONGRATULATIONS, Mike! All of the nominees were deserving of this award, and I’m happy to see someone whose work I admire bring it home! Don’t forget to put it somewhere safe where you won’t have to dust it off all the time….

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