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More information on Schwarzenegger’s Governator project

More information on Schwarzenegger’s Governator project

Last week news broke that former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was going back into entertainment with the help of Stan Lee to create an animated series, and comic books about a fantasy Governor with special powers.

Drew Grant, staff writer for questions motive and message behind a fantasy vigilante governor:

Sure kids, you should all go out and do vigilante justice, because the ex-governor told you that’s way more fun/rewarding than dealing with the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. I guess the heart of “The Governator” is in the right place, to get kids to think it’s “cool” to be a hero like Governor Arnold, but what would have been even cooler? If he could have shown that by example, instead of some fictionalized version of his old job where good guys are super, bad guys are evil, and no one ever talks about the difficult choice in what public program to cut due to the fiscal crisis.

According to The Beat, Arnold was shopping the series to networks so it’s unclear when and if the show will be aired.

Here’s a teaser of the animated series.

Community Comments

#1 Rob Smith Jr
@ 5:46 pm

I like the concept, but I also like politics and like the transition idea. I remember something similar played with involving Reagan. There’s nothing particularly new about this concept and reminds me a bit of Captain Planet. The music is horrible. “Pump it”? And what’s with some current music referring to radios and stereos? Both are easy rhymes but it seems to me it’s tough appealing to young people with such references.

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