Steve Greenberg launches own comic strip

Steve Greenberg is launching a new comic strip centered on Baby Boomers. The strip is called Boomerish and will debut in the April issue of “Life After 50.” Lead characters, The strip will follow Dylan and Ronette Groover as they deal with such issues as their changing bodies, their social ideals, the economy, dealing with aging parents and relating to the younger generations.

The strip came about by chance and coincidence, in a way that was very Boomer-ish in nature. Steve had tried many times and for many years, way back, to create and sell a conventional comic strip to syndicates, but eventually gave up on the idea as newspapers and syndicated strips went into decline. His wife, Roberta, stumbled onto a “Facebook” thread about lyrics to “Stairway to Heaven” and the various posters were making smart-ass remarks using the song lyrics. She eventually learned the person who initiated the thread was a magazine editor in a small chain Steve already freelanced to, urged this editor to use Steve for “some kind of artwork” and, after some back-and-forth, they settled on the comic strip concept.

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