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Lloyd Dangle announces end of Troubletown comics

Lloyd Dangle has announced that he is ending Troubletown at the end of April after 22 years.

That’s right folks, after twenty-two years I’ve decided to retire my comic strip. It’s been an agonizing decision but I’ve come to the conclusion that the time is right. I’ll be doing my last strip at the end of April so there’s still some time for me to do a few last cartoons, at least one of which will be self-aggrandizing. I want to thank all you newspapers for your longtime support, and you readers who made it all worthwhile. Finally I’d like to thank GOD, even though I’m an atheist.

He’ll still post sketches and stuff on his blog.

Community Comments

#1 Matt Bors
@ 2:44 pm

Say it ain’t so, Dangle. A great cartoon that I’m sad to see end.

#2 Jen Sorensen
@ 2:24 pm

So sorry to hear it, Lloyd — you’re one of the best!

#3 Shannon Wheeler
@ 1:39 am

that sucks. I’m sorry to hear that. What are you future plans?

#4 Shannon Wheeler
@ 1:39 am


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