Early review of 2nd Wimpy Kid movie not so good

The second installment of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid will be opening in theaters today. Early reviews are mixed when looking at top critics over on RottenTomatoes.com.

Michael O’Sullivan of the Washington Post wasn’t that impressed:

The problem doesn’t really lie in the acting but in the writing. There’s too much effort expended on making the kids cute and cuddly, instead of plausible. As my 11-year-old son (and expert focus group) put it, you end up feeling sorry for Greg, when you should be laughing at him.

Robert Abele, special to the Los Angeles Times, was favorable:

This is unfailingly modest comedy fuel for 12-year-olds, adapted by screenwriters Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah with plenty of gross-out humor (chocolate stain, meet seat of Greg’s pants), the most threadbare of plots ? anchored by Greg’s crush on a popular new girl (Peyton List) and rock drummer Rodrick’s talent show dreams ? and easy-to-swallow life lessons. Director David Bowers keeps things peppy and brightly lighted, but the movie’s swiftest pleasures come from moment-seizing cast members: Gordon’s cocksure mug melting in the face of indignity, Bostick evoking devilish ennui, Robert Capron’s dorky hanger-on Rowley beaming with hopeless naivete, or Rachael Harris and Steve Zahn ? as the parents ? giving comic spin to their put-upon boy wranglers. Who needs special effects?