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Video: Jim Henson’s Wizard of Id pilot

Charles Brubaker found this 4 minute slice of a Jim Henson film of The Wizard of Id.

Community Comments

#1 Ted Slampyak
@ 9:25 am

I like Mr. Potter from It’s A Wonderful Life cast as the king! This has a certain charm to it!

#2 Patti Hart Pomeroy
@ 5:43 pm

This is from sometime in the late 60s… I was probably 12 when I traveled with Dad, Mom and my sister Perri to NYC to visit Henson’s studio. What a thrill! I remember a shelf filled with “Rowlf” puppets and Jim let me ‘puppeteer’ one! I actually had my hand in Rowlf! … (that didn’t come out right) Jim Henson was kind and genuine. One of the nicest men I’ve ever met. It’s wonderful to see this again and hear Jim’s voice…

#3 Rich Diesslin
@ 1:25 am

Cool memory.

#4 Henry Clausner
@ 7:11 am

the king looks like my old art class teacher…..but it was refreshing to see !

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