Brock Heasley turns over art duties to Marc Lapierre

Brock Heasley became really close to closing down his five-year-old webcomic Superfogeys after feeling more and more like he needed to devote his time to other things. He was convinced the keep the story going and turn over the drawing to another artist. Starting next week Marc Lapierre’s work will debut.

Change is hard. I appreciate that. Marc appreciates that. But you haven’t seen what I’ve seen. As of right now, Marc is about 10 strips ahead. He’s finished off Chapter 10, Bubbles of Light, and he’s working now on Chapter 11, The Doctor and The Doctor. Marc is a dedicated artist who is only growing with each and every strip. You’ve never seen work like this from him. He’s captured the spirit and the feel of the SuperFogeys–and a great deal of the look while still making it his own.

And he’s not satisfied. He wants each strip to be better than the last and to fit more seamlessly into the established world. And he’s doing it. He’s rocking it. I’m blown away and humbled by his dedication and talent.

I think you will be too.

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