Dave Kellet’s original cartoon art collection

Sheldon creator Dave Kellet has posted photos on Flickr of the cartoon originals he has hanging throughout his studio. Collection includes Beetle Baily, Doonesbury, Richard’s Poor Almanac, Baby Blue sketch, a Ballard Street among others.

11 thoughts on “Dave Kellet’s original cartoon art collection

  1. Oh, man that is awesome. Out here at Paws, among SO many others, we have an original Peanuts hanging next to an original Pogo. Those two next to each other make my day every day I pass them in the hall. It’s awesome to see what cartoonist’s have in their collections!

  2. Glad you guys enjoyed the pics. It’s always fun to see other folks’ collections.

    On my long-term wish list…I’m still shooting for a David Low WWII toon, a Herriman, a Bloom County, a Foxtrot, a Garfield, and a Far Side.

    I won’t even *try* for a Peanuts. Jeannie will outbid me every time. 🙂

  3. In my day job I get to handle Herriman, Schulz, Gottfredson, Gould, McManus, Young, McCay, Davis, Capp, Browne, Gray, Hamlin (the list goes on and on) on a daily basis. It’s funny what you find on the margins or on the backs of some of these strips, including grocery lists, bill notations, phone numbers, even rough sketches for other gags. White-out, pen test lines, doodles, addresses — sometimes strips are like little daily diaries of the cartoonist (or in some cases, their assistants). One thing is for sure… there’s an energy that still resonates in those ink lines on paper, you never get tired of looking at them.

  4. Dave,
    Thanks for opening up your studio and showing us your great collection. You’ve got a lot of great art around you, and a fab studio (lots of light)! Love the Arthur sculpt!
    @Dan Bielinski – yea, I’m fortunate to do what I do, but it IS a job, you know what I mean?

  5. Thanks, Mark! And yeah, there’s a lot of natural light in here. In fact, if anything, I put in *too much* natural light when I was building the studio. On a bright day, working on a screen or Cintiq is like staring at the sun.

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