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Video: Tony Cochran featured on Writers Talk

Last month I wrote that Tony Cochran, creator of Agnes, was going to be on Writers Talk. That program is now online. For those in the Ohio area you can see it on the big screen (your TV) on February 24 @ 4 pm. For the rest of us, we’ll have to settle for the tiny-weenie screen below.

Community Comments

#1 Andrew Caddell
@ 11:03 am

Can’t wait to watch this when I get home from work. “Agnes” is by far my most favorite comic strip.

#2 Brian Fies
@ 11:07 am

Yeah, Agnes is one of my very favorite mysteriously underappreciated strips. Dry humor, great characters and very smart.

#3 Mark_Tatulli
@ 12:04 pm

I agree with Brian. AGNES doesn’t get near the attention it truly deserves.

#4 Bob Weber Jr.
@ 12:36 pm

Agreed! AGNES is sharp-witted! Love it!

#5 Rich Diesslin
@ 2:17 pm

This is a very good interview too. Gives some insight into Tony and Agnes. ;)

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