Berkeley Breathed’s Flawed Dogs heading to theaters

DreamWorks Animation SKG has announced that it has secured the rights to bring Berkeley Breathed’s kid’s book, Flawed Dogs, to the big screen. Berkeley will serve as executive producer on the project, which DreamWorks Animation’s head of development Alex Schwartz and development executive Damon Ross are overseeing.

Flawed Dogs tells the fabled tale of a dachshund whose dreams are shattered when he is wrongly exiled from his loving human family by a jealous show dog. Landing in the Last Ditch Dog Depository, our hero rallies a comically misfit troop of “flawed” dogs to help him take down his purebred nemesis at the International Dog Show Championship in Rome.

“In Flawed Dogs, we have a dog movie that has edge as well as heart, which will be inspired by the singularly brilliant visual and comedic sensibility of Berkeley Breathed,” said Schwartz. “At DreamWorks Animation we are excited to work with him on what we believe to be a universally appealing story that captures the unique and profound relationship between humans and their dogs.”

“All my stories are sparked by a nugget of truth hiding in plain sight. In this case, it’s that all animals dream… but only dogs dream of us,” added Berkeley Breathed. “I look forward to collaborating with the talented creative team at DreamWorks Animation to bring Flawed Dogs to cinematic life.”
Fonda Snyder of Alchemy Ink, Inc. is representing Berkeley Breathed.

2 thoughts on “Berkeley Breathed’s Flawed Dogs heading to theaters

  1. Garey,
    I’m a huge Breathed fan, have been since ’83, but I hafta agree here. I loved the original book “Mars Needs Moms” but movie looks like a loud, obnoxious parody. I could be wrong, but it does. And what’s wrong with way it was in the book anyway? With BB as the ExP. maybe he’ll have the control to keep this one more ‘original’ to its heart.

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