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Portland’s Shannon Wheeler responds to Portlandia

Shannon Wheeler, creator of Too Much Coffee Man, responds to the sketch-comedy show “Portlandia” – a parody of the people of Portland, OR on the New Yorker’s Cartoon Bank Blog. Shannon currently lives in Portland.

My barista is ignoring me. He has his reasons. He wants me to see that his service industry job is beneath him. His tattoos indicate he likes ironically evil versions of 1970s cartoon characters. He’s cooler than me, and he lets me know it. I deserve to be treated badly. Even tipping heavily doesn’t stop me from feeling guilty for participating in this capitalist system and its incessant need for money. It’s rumored that there’s a barter-based coffee shop down the street, but it hasn’t opened yet. They’re having labor issues.

Community Comments

#1 Mike Lester
@ 2:06 pm

Astounded that it ever saw the light of day. Easily the best thing on television. It could only be better if they “put a bird on it”.

#2 RIck Kirkman
@ 3:26 pm

I love that show…even the creepy, awkward parts.

I had a friend who moved to Portland. He claimed he hated it because of the rain and near-constant overcast weather. I think I know the real reason now.

#3 Jesse Cline
@ 4:34 pm

“Did you read that New Yorker Blog about Portlandia?”

“I didn’t like the ending!”

#4 Shannon Wheeler
@ 8:47 pm

jesse – that took me a second to get, but that’s a good one. made me laugh.

Portlandia is uneven in execution but gets 4 stars for quotability.

#5 Bridgett Spicer
@ 1:21 pm

As someone who doesn’t live in Portland but loves visiting there, I find Portlandia one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in a while. The not-so-gentle humor usually goes a bit overboard, but knowing the area as I do makes the show even more funny (because of the truth buried under the skits and stories)… kinda like a comic strip, eh?

#6 Keith Brown
@ 2:33 pm

Many a truth are spoken in jest.

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