Video: Rall, Essman release Disposable, episode 1

Ted Rall and David Essman have launched the first episode of their new web-series called “Disposable” about a family trying to survive in the tough economy. Here’s episode one.

11 thoughts on “Video: Rall, Essman release Disposable, episode 1

  1. Very timely.

    I will be interested in the feedback. THINGS are getting so much better now (so they say) (i don’t see it).

    I did a 5 part Christmas series about losing your home/homeless and was attacked by my community for going negative. So many people are doing good things (i was told) EVEN though all the supporting charities are way down in their budgets. But I got good feedback from the Clergy actually working with them for bringing the issue to light.

    It is as though folks don’t want to acknowledge what is really happening. I lost my job two weeks before Christmas of 2008 with a son ready for college . Everything was fine (i was told) right up to the day the vp showed up and closed our office.


  2. Good luck, Ted and David!

    (The father in my comic strip also recently lost his job – strip #4 – it is a real theme that nearly everybody in America can relate to. I have not yet written much on that character, but there is plenty of material there…)

  3. Even though this story was already covered earlier in the month. I like the animation, like how the series covers the economic issue. But I actually get enough of the terrible economic outlook through the daily news. I would much rather read something like Gary Varvel’s Graphic Novel “Path To Hope” than watch another episode droning on about the bad times.

  4. Yeah, I’ll be disappointed if this series doesn’t become a vehicle in support of the revolution that Ted says we need. If the Tunisians can do it…

    Mr. Tweedy: Mrs Tweedy! The chickens are revolting!
    Mrs. Tweedy: Finally something we agree on.

    Chicken Run

  5. Nice to see that rubber hose animation, Disney’s early style, has found a fine home! Nicely done, too.

    The end tune of “you’re just trash” would ring equally true whether or not Ted Rall’s revolutionary fantasies had come true – the haves and have-nots were just as unequal as ever in China or in The Soviet Union or anywhere in the world and anywhere in time as well…

    I was “trashed” myself, and I didn’t like it at all – it inspired me to become self-employed which is, besides marriage, the very best thing in my life…

  6. Another great piece by Ted and David! Congratulations!

    On a related note, many here may not yet know this, but Alan recently banned Ted Rall and apparently some others from commenting here. I think it’s an appalling mistake.

    For one thing, it’s ridiculous for a website about cartoons to ban a former president of the AAEC and one of the most talented and prominent cartoonists around. Franky, you were lucky that he posted here.

    For another thing, Ted’s comments, and those of others with strong opinions, has made this site dynamic and interesting. Without the lively conversations they generate, I will not find DC nearly so compelling.

  7. “On a related note, many here may not yet know this, but Alan recently banned Ted Rall and apparently some others from commenting here.”

    Ah, I thought things were peaceful around here this past weekend.


  8. Well, hopefully Ted will be allowed to post again. And if so I hope he’ll choose to come back here.

    I know Ted was the cause of some fights here. Sometimes he said things which I thought were out of line. But he also offered thoughts and perspectives that were helpful and interesting.

    Alan might’ve had another reason for banning him. It’s his site – he can do whatever he wants.

    But I like diversity of opinion and Ted definitely offered that.

  9. I just read the previous comments. My bad.

    Is there an official statement as to why he was banned? He’s opinionated but incredibly well informed. I can’t see any legitimate reason to ban him.

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