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Concept art for Mr. Peabody animation posted

Last week I mentioned Robert Downey Jr. would voice the character Mr. Peabody for an animated film of Mr. Peabody and Sherman slated to be released in 2014. Cartoon brew has images of the first concept art.

Community Comments

#1 Brian Simpson
@ 1:06 pm

The concept art of Mr. Peabody isn’t too bad. Lets hope they don’t try to give him an attitude to make him more “hip”.

#2 John S
@ 1:36 pm

This news is a week old. Way to ride the cutting edge, Alan.

#3 steve skelton
@ 3:27 pm

Well, John, you clearly deserve your money back.

#4 Rick Elis
@ 9:08 am

You’ll have to excuse Alan, John. Maybe his WABAC machine is on the fritz.

#5 Bruce Quast
@ 2:09 pm

I’m looking forward to this film. Mr. Peabody was one of the best features of the old Bullwinkle show. I think lots of kids first exposure to history was through Mr. Peabody! I think someone like Kelsey Grammer would be a better choice for his voice. Peabody was a pretty sophisticated dog.

#6 Mike Peterson
@ 5:17 pm

It was a terrific cartoon, but anyone who thinks a cartoon with an absurd premise needs a backstory can’t possibly understand it.

Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t prejudge their work. The writer also worked on the Yogi Bear movie, after all.

#7 Charles Brubaker
@ 5:32 pm

Re: backstory, it should be noted that the original series DID have a backstory. Specifically, episode #1.

Peabody adopted Sherman after seeing how he’s mistreated at the orphanage. He built the WABAC machine as his birthday present.

You can watch it here:

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