Marvel kills off one of Fantastic Four

Brian Truitt over at USA Today looks at tomorrow’s issue of the Fantastic Four (which I believe is released today due to the media/fan interest). The issue concludes a story-line that ends with the death of one of the Fantastic Four.

Tom Brevoort, the book’s editor and Marvel Comics’ senior vice president of publishing, is excited that in the run-up to today, not many fans on the Internet had figured it out. And writer Jonathan Hickman did his part, scripting the issue in such a way where everybody was in danger until the very end.

“We didn’t want to give it away,” Hickman says. “It’s so impossible to keep it a secret nowadays. Readers are smart enough that if you do too much revealing or foreshadowing, they’ll completely pick up on it.

Story contains spoilers.

2 thoughts on “Marvel kills off one of Fantastic Four

  1. This seems like a “stretch”. I can “see right through” what’s going on here. Marvel is trying to “shield” itself from the “rocky” financial times. What a FANTASTIC idea.

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