How cartoonists depict House Speaker John Boehner

I usually don’t see these types of articles during the non-presidential elections, but The Washington Scene is looking at how editorial cartoonists are caricaturing House Speaker John Boehner. Interviewed: Mike Lester, Taylor Jones, AAEC President Steve Kelley, Chris Weyant, Mike Peters, Steve Brodner and Ann Telnaes.

Aside from getting their readers to recognize Boehner, many cartoonists find him relatively easy to draw. In addition to his tan and tears, he has droopy eyes, a smoking habit and a bright collection of sweaters, likely thanks to his love of golf, they say.

“Physically, he has this cool, Bogart-like quality that contrasts wildly with his emotional vulnerability,” says Chris Weyant, The Hill’s cartoonist. “In trying to capture that, I’ll be focusing on the tears, the hang-dog eyes and the tight, pursed mouth.”

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  1. I see a lot of interviews with cartoonists, in print and on the web, without cartoons, and I agree it’s kinda dumb. Such an abomination does not occur in Stay Tooned! Magazine.

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