Police seize comic retailers guns

Police have seized a “large amount” of weapons from Travis Corcoran, who runs the online comic book business HeavyInk.com and made headlines when he wrote a gleeful blog post after U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head in Tucson, AZ.

From the Boston Globe:

Police Captain Robert Bongiorno said Monday that police suspended Corcoran’s firearms license on the grounds of “suitability” pending the results of an investigation into whether a comment Corcoran allegedly made online was intended as a threat in reference to the Jan. 8 shooting in Arizona that left six people dead and 13 wounded.

Bongiorno said police found the comment reposted on ComicsAlliance.com in a story that said Corcoran first made the comment in a blog. Bongiorno said Corcoran has since redacted the comments, but police consider the threat to be credible until they can prove otherwise. Police have also contacted federal law enforcement agencies about the comment.

6 thoughts on “Police seize comic retailers guns

  1. Saw this one coming a mile away. It’s a little scary that they seized “large amounts” of weapons from a guy who said

    “1 down 539 to go” …Target only politicians and their staff… please!”

    Since he didn’t technically threaten anyone directly, I’m sure they’ll have to give him his guns back. Slap on the wrist and the guy will wise up and word his wacked out opinions a little better next time publicly.

  2. He “redacted” his comments? I must have missed that – his initial response on his blog was pretty explicit that he meant every word…

    Free speech means if you speak freely words that paint you as a angry and potentially lethal idiot, well, where IS the best place to put a dangerous idiot? Hmmm…


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