Interviewed: Francesco Marciuliano on Tall Tale Radio

Sally Forth writer Francesco Marciuliano is the featured guest on this week’s Tall Tale Radio with Tom Racine. Tom is moving into video podcasting so now you can watch Francesco and Tom banter.

For the second time, I join Tom in the end to talk about some of the news of the day.

10 thoughts on “Interviewed: Francesco Marciuliano on Tall Tale Radio

  1. I am certainly enjoying the video interviews…but they are a ton of work! Anyone who’d like to give some creative feedback would be welcome…do you like ’em better? Do they add anything? Is my ugly mug causing your computer to crash? Any suggestions? (Other than having Alan on more, of course.)

  2. This was the first episode I saw with video and I thought, “good he** that’s gotta take a lot of time to edit.”

    Is there a way for you to split the screens so you can show both screens side by side? It seems that might be faster than having to splice the video together based on who’s talking.

    For the next round, I’ll elevate my camera – that angle I had was just … terrible.

  3. Yes…one of the options is a split screen. I take the original recording and run it through a free program called “split conversations” and it gives me audio and video in two tracks. I’ve thought about occasionally cutting to the split screen from time to time, but didn’t get around to it. Mostly, when the guest is talking I’m reading notes, making notes, or looking on line for something we’re talking about…not exactly riveting video. 🙂

  4. Hilarious interview, as always. Was listening to it yesterday at work and blurted out with laughter when ‘Ces was like “I was fat, compulsively shy, and cried when I couldn’t blow a balloon up all the way” LOL

  5. Great interview, Tom! You talked about all of my favorite things (including Quisp and Quake!)

    By the way the line is:

    (After watching Yukon Cornelious go off the edge of the mountain with the snow monster)

    Sam the snowman: “Well, they are all very sad about the loss of their friend, but they knew the important thing was to get the women-folk back to Christmastown.”

  6. It’s a hilarious interview! Great website, Alan – thanks!

    When I worked as an animator for the Marvel property “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”, I have a vague memory of some very young fellow employee MAYBE with that name getting a job drawing for Sally Forth (1991-1992), and I have an additional VERY vague memory that somehow I might have found the job listing for him… I wonder….?

  7. I like the audio interviews better.
    I listen to “Comics Coast to Coast” and “Tall Tale Radio” while I’m working at the drawing board and it’s really hard to watch a podcast and work at the same time.

    I’m not saying don’t do video podcasts, but do them when the video aspect adds something to the podcast. Like when you’re at a con or a cartoon exhibit or something like that.

    You do a great job, Tom.
    Thanks for your hard work and providing such a great product.

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