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Vintage Superman costumes up for auction

Not sure where Mike Peters bought his Superman costume, but if you need one the Antique Helper Auctions in Indianapolis, Indiana is auctioning off vintage costumes worn by George Reeves who starred in the 1950s Superman television show, others by Christopher Reeve and Dean Cain. The George Reeve costume is reportedly worth $120,000 to $150,000. Lastly a Supergirl costume worn by Helen Slater for the 1984 film will also be up for auction.

Auction is on January 22.

Community Comments

#1 Henry Clausner
@ 3:07 pm

i have an old telephone booth…i wonder if superman used it…

#2 Stephen Beals
@ 9:29 am

I met a guy once who lived on Lois Lane, which I think is the coolest street name ever. He put a phone booth in his garage, with a Superman suit hanging inside.

#3 Henry Clausner
@ 8:13 am

…that’s funny….I’m sure he put it on once in a while and ran in the house to take care of business if u know what i mean….

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