Axe Cop nearing one year mark

I found Axe Cop in the news just before going into my holiday hiatus. For those new to the webcomic – it’s created by two brothers – one does the writing one does the art. What is unique about the collaboration is that the writing is done by the six year-old Malachai Nicolle and the art by the older brother (age 29) Ethan.

Having a six year-old write the content almost always guarantees a spontaneous story. I’d think they were quite silly if it had Stan Lee’s name on it, but they are quite serviceable. Lot so people think so. The comic is becoming more and more popular.

Partnering with a six year old does have some potential production issues as Ethan found out recently:

Many, many people have asked to see an episode of Axe Cop where Malachai draws it and I write it. My response has always been that Malachai doesn’t like to draw… but then he got a Toy Story art set and wanted to draw a Moon Warriors comic, so finally, we tried trading jobs for an episode…

Now, I had a lot more I wanted to do in this story, but Malachai made an executive decision three panels in that he was bored and did not want to draw any more. So, my story about the Moon Warriors fighting a bear became the story of the Moon Warriors being eaten by the God of All Bears. Humbled, I must admit that whatever I had in mind, Malachai has once again out-awesomed me, even though he killed off his favorite Axe Cop characters to go play Xbox. I know lots of people will be asking if this episode is canon and if the Moon Warriors are dead forever. Well, yes, it is canon. The Moon Warriors are Malachai’s favorite characters though, so I am guessing that at some point he’ll find a way to revive them. I guess we can all hope.

The comic hits their first year mile marker on the 27th of January. Both Ethan and Malachai will be at Meltdown Comics (Los Angeles, CA) to celebrate.

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