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Keith Poletiek’s Dude and Dude debuts on

United Media is premiering Dude and Dude today on The strip is by Keith Poletiek about the eternal question of why we can’t all just get rich by sleeping in, flirting with “the honeys,” and hanging at the beach. But while most people eventually succumb to the pressures of “real life,” the two twenty-somethings in Dude and Dudejust keep on keepin’ on, squeezing every last dime out of their parents in order to subsist another day, when they’ll do the same dudical thing all over again.

Here’s a sample:
Dude and Dude

More from the press release:

Dude and Dude have goals and dreams, but they’re only interested in using as little effort as possible to attain them. Right now, just coming up with enough fundage (money) to subsidize their daily fish taco fix is all that’s important.

Unfortunately for them, Dude and Dude must interact with a number of responsible adults on a daily basis. Their boss at the Simmer Down Coffee Shack, Mr. Perkins, as well as the store’s usually short-tempered patrons, don’t seem to take the same laissez-faire approach to life that the Dudes have. They also have to deal with their crotchety old landlord, Mr. Parker, whose cat terrorizes the Dudes’ dog, Lebo. Dude and Dude prefer to make time with Tina, the heartbreaker taco shack owner, as well as Surfer Steve, who used to be world-class, but is now just a burnout. Dude…

Keith Poletiek has been making people laugh for the past 25 years through cartooning, writing, live comedy and storytelling. He began cartooning in his high school newspaper in Huntington Beach, Calif., and went on to become the editorial cartoonist for the Anaheim Bulletin, where his work was occasionally reprinted in the Orange County Register. Poletiek is a two-time Small Business Association Editorial Cartoon Contest award winner, and his cartoons and illustrations have appeared in many books and publications. Poletiek lives with his wife, son, daughter, and newborn granddaughter in Orange County, California, one block from the beach and all the “dudes.”

Community Comments

#1 mike witmer
@ 1:38 pm


#2 Tony Piro
@ 4:44 pm

Wow, is this United Media’s attempt to reach a younger demographic?

#3 Stacy Curtis
@ 5:06 pm

The dude demographic. Dude.

#4 Jen Sorensen
@ 6:04 pm

There’s a Mr. Perkins character in this strip too? I claim the O.P. (Original Perkins)!

#5 Jesse Cline
@ 6:05 pm

Characters ripped right from a beer commercial.

#6 Drew Litton
@ 2:55 am

I like it. This first gag is funny. I’d like to see more before weighing in completely but it has possibilities!

#7 Daniel Boris
@ 12:21 pm

Always good to hear about new strips being given a shot.
Best of luck, Dude.

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