Exhibit of ‘stolen’ artwork opens in Boston

Interesting exhibit running in Boston entitled, “All Works Guaranteed Stolen” showcases “work that ranges from clever takeoffs and pastiches of existing art and entertainment to pieces that merely mimic, modify, or even just physically enlarge their source material.”

“The right of artists to use the pieces of their society in their art is being significantly curtailed, both legally, but also there’s a huge chilling effect,” he said. “Most artists don’t have lawyers, and even if a piece they want to use might be considered fair use, a lot of people are pulling away from it because they don’t know if it’s fair use.”

Artwork includes the famous tri-color Barak Obama “Hope” icon that now says, “Maybe, we could’ve” and an enlarged copy of a Mary Worth panel that has been altered until it resembles a Roy Lichtenstein comic strip painting.

Here’s a video on the history of Appropriation:

Appropriation Edit 4 Current Version from imandeep on Vimeo.

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