Thousands of comics on your iPad for less than $20

For those of you with the iPads and a voracious appetite for comic books, Dr. Macenstein has a great idea – buy the complete collections on DVD from Amazon and import those into iBooks.

He writes:

Each DVD has about a decade worth of comics on it, and we’re talking the ENTIRE ORIGINAL comic, including the ads for Sea Monkeys. Each issue runs about 10 MB, and installing them couldn’t be easier. First, you must make sure you’ve downloaded Apple’s free iBooks app onto your device. Then, simply drag each PDF into iTunes, and then sync them under the BOOKS tab of your device’s syncing options. You can also edit their meta info in iTunes to group them better, or create playlists based on whether they’ve been read or not.

The cool thing is, it isn’t just Archie you can do this with. Many comics are being sold this way, on Amazon from X-Men and Avengers to the entire 50 years of MAD Magazine (for only $18.60), all at ridiculous savings compared to per issue paper or regular digital downloading.

The Archie series he mentions is a mere $3.99, 40 Years of the X-Men is going to run you $50, and Absolutely MAD is $18 and some change.

Overall, not a bad selection and consider that most comic book apps are running $3.99 – $9.99 per app, you can get years of material for a fraction of the cost if you purchased it individually.

4 thoughts on “Thousands of comics on your iPad for less than $20

  1. I have the comics, just not the ipad. What I had was a tablet PC with a swivel screen, so that I could hold it like a book (and it was about the size of a comic).

    It was a very workable way to read comics, but the tablet died a premature death (it had the misfortune of being manufactured by HP).

    But I highly recommend buying and reading comics this way. It’s fantastic.

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