Cartooning, freedom, creativity and money

Wise words from Tina’s Groove creator Rina Piccolo regarding money with little creative freedom, or less money and more creative freedom.

On a side note, there is one valuable piece of information I’ve learned from these last 2 decades, and it’s perhaps the most profitable bit of knowledge of all, and it’s this: I have been given the opportunity to know my two selves: The self that is financially “poor” and the self that is financially “comfortable.” The valuable lesson I’ve learned is that my level of happiness is the same for both. I need only to think back on past years to realize that my happiness did not increase, or decrease, according to the amount of money I made. In other words I don’t need lots of money to make me happy.

One thought on “Cartooning, freedom, creativity and money

  1. Alan,

    I think your comment about money shows you are basically a happy man, not unlike the character, Leon Looz, in my comic strip. He is basically content with life, a frugal guy (and tI’ve read that frugal people ARE basically happy people), even though he has fewer material possessions than most of the other characters and even though his downside is being pound foolish.


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