The Rhymes with Orange strip you won’t see in the paper

Funny cartoon by Rhymes with Orange creator Hilary Price that she opted not to draw up and submit to her editor – for obvious reasons. I’ve intentionally cropped the cartoon below so as not to give away punchline. Visit her site to see the full image.

21 thoughts on “The Rhymes with Orange strip you won’t see in the paper

  1. Two things…

    1. Love the cartoon. I wish I had done this one.

    2. If there’s a syndicate that has a problem with this then that’s just ridiculous. Has anyone read the other parts of a newspaper like the opinion section, the news, etc. That’s where the real raunchy stuff can be read. But, draw a snowman who thinks with his butt instead of his head, well, that’s the sort of debasement that will send you right to hell. Give me a break.
    If a cartoonist can’t print something this benign, let’s just invite the government to revoke our smiling and laughter privileges. To quote Pierre Lafont, a prisoner in the days of the French Bastille, “I’d rather laugh all day in chains, than frown all day in freedom.”

    Btw, I’ve seen MUCH more envelope pushing cartoons printed than this.

    Okay, there was no Pierre LaFont. I made it up. That’s my quote. I just made that up, too, but it fits here.

  2. Jay Kennedy gave the best advice when it came to pushing the envelope a tad too far. he would ask “Is it worth possibly losing a paper over?” And he was right.

  3. The papers have lost THEMSELVES without the “help” of cartoonists so I wouldn’t worry too much about what the newspaper thinks is the way to go. That’s not a very good example of how to set the standard.

  4. I would have preferred to see this on my comics page instead of The Family Circus (although that comic strip, along with some of the other legacies, can be interpreted in a not-so-wholesome way).

  5. >>>I wouldn?t worry too much about what the newspaper thinks is the way to go.

    Um…you’d better if you want to last in syndication. The good will between a creator and his markets is his bread and butter.It’s hard enough to get a new market to pick up your feature. Ostracize one enough for them to drop you for “artistic” reasons is just plain stupid and financially suicidal. There’s a difference between pushing the envelope and burning it.

  6. Dan,
    Your eloquence reminds me of one the heroes of the Alamo Loquatious McSkinner who famously said “What the #@$& is a tortilla?”

    You’re quite the philosopher.

  7. Funny gag, but gotta go with Hillary’s discretion and Rick’s rationale … I’m pretty sure a good portion of the remnant (newspaper readers) don’t take kindly to much sexual innuendo except in its most mild forms. This is tame, but probably not tame enough. It’s not really even a double entendre, more like a single one.

  8. Financially suicidal indeed. I don’t think cartoonists realize what a privilege it is to get paid for creating your very own idea every day.
    Commercial illustrators get told what to create and what style to create it in. This really isn’t the case with comics. All you’re being asked to do is be somewhat tasteful with your own creation.
    If that’s a problem then find someone else willing to pay good money for lewd material.
    Artistic freedom is limited by what someone is willing to pay for.

  9. “But, draw a snowman who thinks with his butt instead of his head…”

    Oh sweet, innocent Dan.

    (it’s his dick)

  10. Throw it in as extra content on the next book. You can write two pages of foreword revolving around the thought process of this joke alone

  11. I saw the 2-4 Rhymes With Orange comic today and thought it was great. My wife is a bird watcher. I am asking how I can purchase a copy of this date’s comic and how much it will cost. Thank you for your reply.
    Malcolm White

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