Interview: Sergio Aragonés on his 5 decade career

Sergio Aragonés is interviewed by The National Post regarding his book, MAD’s Greatest Artists: Sergio Aragones: Five Decades of His Finest Works.

Q So when you were looking through your older work, were there any that surprised you?

A Very much. I?ve got tens of thousands, and sometimes when I look at them I?ve completely forgot about it. It?s like somebody telling you a new joke. And then sometimes it?s like, ?Oh my God. That?s so silly.? Many, many I completely forgot. The brain is a very strange computer. Once I write it, my brain completely forgets about it. I guess, probably, that?s an advantage in trying to come up with new cartoons ? not remembering the old ones.

4 thoughts on “Interview: Sergio Aragonés on his 5 decade career

  1. Thanks for the article link. I just love his work!
    Started reading my brother’s old “Mad Magazines”
    when I was about six or seven….didn’t understand everything
    in them, but they were fun! Always especially enjoyed
    Aragones’ little cartoons in the margins.

  2. One of the most approachable cartoonists, Sergio is practically an institution at the yearly ComicCon here in San Diego – I read somewhere he developed his super fast style initially when he drew caricatures in Mexico City (or somewhere like that), but I’ve been unable to corroborate this tidbit online…

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