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Customs seizing computers with adult comics?

JK Parkin, writing on the Comic Book Resource’s Robot 6 blog, notes that the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and ACLU are following a trend wherein customs officials are seizing computers and other portable devices that have adult comic material on them.

“The CBLDF legal team has been tracking trends in customs here in the U.S. and abroad that show authorities searching, and,in some cases, seizing the computers, portable devices, storage devices, and other items of travelers who have adult comics material stored on those devices,” Brownstein told Comic Book Resources. “The ACLU is tracking similar customs abuses from a privacy point of view. There’s a recent incident about which we’re not at liberty to discuss specifics involving this trend, where we were asked to provide information and letters of support. Because this is a pending matter, I’m not at liberty to discuss further specifics at this time.”

Community Comments

#1 Beth Cravens
@ 10:49 am

Why? so that our pristine squeaky clean culture doesn’t get polluted? yeah, right…

#2 Matt Forcum
@ 11:12 am

What I find disturbing is that they are taking enough time to review your private data that they are finding these things in the first place.

Aren’t they just supposed to validate that the device works as intended and is not a housing for a bomb or something? Do they really have legal rights to search your private data for offensive material?

#3 Jeff Stanson
@ 12:03 am

I find that disturbing as well, Matt. I’m no fan of “adult” comics, the CBLDF, or the ACLU, but I’m definitely against customs officials reviewing private data.

#4 Joe Rank ( KRANKY )
@ 2:19 am

” I find that disturbing as well, Matt. I?m no fan of ?adult? comics, the CBLDF, or the ACLU, but I?m definitely against customs officials reviewing private data. ” – JS

SO, when the fascists come after YOU, Jeff….Who will you turn to ?

The soft Americans will quickly get accustomed to authoritarianism. They will learn that the First Amendment “freedom of speech” will be supplanted by the Republican/fascist “freedom NOT to speak”.
The world will be turned upside-down for these hedonists, and they have barely the means to survive.

#5 Dave Stephens
@ 4:01 am

So the Republicans banned “Hate Speech” in colleges?
Funny, I thought that was a Democrat thing, political correctness and all that…

#6 Henry Clausner
@ 7:56 am

staying up late tonite:::::erasing the “adult” cartoons from my computer….there goes that connect-the-dot adult fun book idea….@#$% !

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