Video: Mike Peter’s Walk of Fame

KPLR in St. Louis is highlighting the career of Mike Peters, editorial cartoonist and creator of Mother Goose and Grimm in their series of those in St. Louis’ Walk of Fame. Mike was inducted in 2002.

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  1. The cartoon shown at 1:09 in the video is a Jeff Parker cartoon from May 11, 2009. Just sayin’.{60897054-D77B-4B75-BFDA-0EE160CEE6F2}

    Anyhoo… Mike’s work is awesome (as is Jeff Parker’s). The super-scratchy drawing style of his early work was one of the best discoveries I ever made while studying someone’s work. The evolution of his drawing style is just tremendous. Congrats, Mike! You are an inspiration!

  2. I’ve had the pleasure, in the past three years, of meeting over 100 professional cartoonists. Mike Peters stands out as one of the most energetic, gracious, goofy and fun-to-talk-to in the profession. In that video, Glenn McCoy (a pretty friendly guy himself) calls Mike “everybody’s friend.” I know what he means. During a 5-hour interview with Mike (and his lovely wife, Marion) in the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans during a Reuben weekend, Mike would jump up every few minutes to hug a fellow cartoonist passing by; it was very obvious how much each of his peers cared for the man, and how many of them (the well-known AND he not-yet-famous alike) Mike has made the effort to befriend. I have yet to meet anyone (who knows him) who doesn’t like him.
    For me, it was a case of finally meeting one of my personal icons, and him turning out to be a wonderful human being.

  3. Yes, it’s so disappointing to find out your only his new best friend until he meets someone else, but you get over it … eventually. Congrats (from 2002?)! 😉

  4. The best way to sum up Mike Peters is to say that he, the man, is even MORE amazing than his work! Mike Peters editorial and strip talent in both ideas and execution is always as good as it gets.His humor “yuk-rate” on Grimmy is always way over 90% on the daily laugh meter; and, in his editorials, he uses that same terrific humor to drive home the political idea of the day, making that editorial totally unique and totally memorable.

    He has always been on of my top favorites -to find out that he’s as genuine and beyond nice as he is, when face to face with him, makes him, truly BETTER than it ever gets!

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