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Bill Watterson’s college cartoons

I’ve seen this website before – which has one of the best catalogs of all the work and art of Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson. His college cartoons are making their rounds through the blogosphere. I’ve got to admit either I missed this page completely or they’re a recent addition (new as in a couple of years).

Bill Watterson’s college cartoons:

Community Comments

#1 Matt Zalen
@ 1:09 pm

Great comics, even back then.

#2 Phil Judd
@ 1:14 pm

That guy was a stand out no matter what he did….amazing brush work…

#3 Daniel Boris
@ 1:23 pm

Hahaha! …awesome!

#4 Tom Pappalardo
@ 4:47 pm

Great, especially considering the utter lack of skill, wit, and subtlety I’ve seen in other college papers’ comic pages over the years.

#5 b.j. Dewey
@ 9:46 pm

Really fun to see these early Watterson comics and there are the first hints of the C&H drawings to come.

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