Tangled and Megamind take 2nd and 3rd

I’m a bit late on this one – last week’s extended opening weekend placed Disney’s Tangled and Megamind in 2nd and 3rd place respectively for top grossing films that weekend.

The weekend’s real box-office story, however, was Disney’s Tangled, which surpassed the studio’s wildest fairy-tale expectations by grossing $49.1 million during the three-day weekend, and $69 million for the five-day period. Those numbers gave Tangled the second largest Thanksgiving weekend opening ever, behind only Disney’s Toy Story 2. In fact, Disney essentially has a monopoly on the harvest festival – the studio is responsible for nine out of the top 11 Thanksgiving weekend debuts. Tangled earned 56 percent of its gross from 3-D showings, even though the PG movie had to share its 3-D screens with Megamind. And word-of-mouth couldn’t be more favorable, as CinemaScore audiences handed the animated retelling of Rapunzel the first “A+” grade of the year.

Top movie was the latest Harry Potter flick.

Anyone seen Tangled or Megamind? Please leave your review in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Tangled and Megamind take 2nd and 3rd

  1. I wish they counted tickets instead of dollars. Number of dollars is as much a function of inflation as of popularity.

    Of course, back in the Olden Days, movies like Snow White and Pinocchio opened in major markets only, and then the prints were bicycled around the country — it could be another year before they reached the sticks, and you didn’t have One Giant Opening Weekend, but a series of them.

    I wouldn’t take any of this seriously as a comparison of the current stuff to the movies from that era, in any case.

  2. I saw Tangled with my 4-year-old daughter and we both enjoyed it. Solid story and characters. A few action sequences. Lots of character-based humor without resorting to the popular culture references that have become so cliche in animated movies these days.

  3. I saw Tangled and thought it was really good, which surprised me for a Disney movie. Then I saw John Lasseter as Executive Producer in the credits and it all made sense.

    Great characters and story. The horse steals the show.

  4. One of the youth writers for the publication I edit did an interview with one of the lighting people from “Tangled,” who said they brought in someone specifically to study the physics of hair — it reminded me of the Disneyland TV show where Walt talked about analyzing rain drops for “Bambi.” Then the review in the WashPost rhapsodized over the lighting, and specifically her hair, and I thought, well, the guy did his job …

  5. I already have the “Art of Tangled” Book and it is amazing… best “art of “Book yet filled with Glenn Keane drawings.. and his daughters digital paintings interestingly enough. Along with incredible background paintings. This thing is jam packed with so much awesome art.. and very few 3d renderings.. which I don’t really look for when I buy these types of books anyway.

    I have the art of ..Bee movie, Incredibles. Pixar short films .. and have wanted to buy “How to train your dragon.. but this one tops them all.

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