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Mars Needs Moms trailer online

Berkeley Breathed’s children’s book Moms Needs Moms is heading to the big screen. A trailer has been posted:

It hits theaters on March 11.

Community Comments

#1 Stacy Curtis
@ 12:28 pm


#2 Lawrence Rozner
@ 9:41 pm

“Ugh” is right. The filmmakers barely even preserved Berkeley Breathed’s original designs for the aliens, let alone chucking out the human character designs he made in the book. I was kind of expecting for this movie to resemble “Monster House” (which at least had some stylized human character designs) rather than “The Polar Express”. I think Disney succeeded in actually make this look creepier than “Polar Express” (which was creepy enough to begin with what with that dead eye look.) I wonder if Berke had any creative control whatsoever in what the look would be.

#3 Garey Mckee
@ 9:53 pm

I am disappointed that Breathed’s character designs aren’t a part of the film. I’d really like to see Berke’s characters preserved on the screen. Perhaps the television incarnation of Pete & Pickles will do just that.

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