Red’s Planet Special Edition taking pre-orders

Eddie Pittman is taking pre-orders for his sci-fi web graphic novel Red’s Planet. If you haven’t seen his comic, head over to his site. It’s a great story with great art and coloring. This first edition special edition collects the Prologue and Chapter One. Eddie showed me copy at this year’s Festival of Cartoon Art. His artwork looks great on the glossy stock. He told me who did the printing, but I’ve forgotten – but it’s first rate. If you’re a fan like me, grab a copy while you can.

Eddie is also offering signed editions and characters sketches. Pre-orders are being taken through December 5 and start shipping December 16. More details on the order page.

9 thoughts on “Red’s Planet Special Edition taking pre-orders

  1. Terrific art and story by Eddie, I hope sales of the book and other items support his continuing this high quality project.

  2. Eddie has done top-notch work on Red’s Planet since the original teaser launch. Was so delighted to get a copy of this new book at OSU’s Festival of Cartoon Art — Thanks again, Eddie!!

    I highly recommend reading this outta-this-world webcomic!

    P.S. Eddie … Hope you can start taking international orders soon 🙂

  3. It’s especially gratifying to see a cartoonist who can really truly DRAW – rock solid draftsmanship adds immeasurably to the believability of the storyline and really brings to life the characters and situations of “Red’s Planet”… Well done!

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