Larry Wright’s Kit ‘N’ Carlyle Celebrates 30 Years

Larry Wright’s Carlyle celebrates 30 years in syndication on December 1st. The comic features Kit, a single working woman, and Carlyle, a spunky kitten who can turn from cuddly to cunning at the drop of a hat.

“My family and I have owned lots of real cats over many past decades,” Wright said. “But having had a cartoon kitty like Carlyle over 30 of those years means I get to draw him living the best ways I’d seen all those other cats living. I hope he keeps looking good.”

12 thoughts on “Larry Wright’s Kit ‘N’ Carlyle Celebrates 30 Years

  1. Not to pick on Larry, but I’ve been wondering: Why do you post these anniversaries? With more than 200 strips in syndication, there’s an anniversary every other day and a multiple of five almost every week. They’re hardly newsworthy.

    Anniversaries are meaningless factoids. So The Chickenheads is X years old. Which means…what, exactly?

    I’m genuinely serious.

  2. To answer your question, Ted, I post anniversary notices (when I’m made aware of them) for a couple of reasons. First – it’s a bit of publicity for the feature and the artist. Thanks to the demise of E&P’s syndication coverage, part of TDC’s audience are comic editors.

    Secondly, it gives fans and colleagues a chance to voice their congratulations to the artist(s) on a milestone which might go unnoticed otherwise.

    I’m sure I miss a lot of these. Like I said, I’ll run them when I’m made aware of them. And even then, it would only be a significant milestone like 5, 10, 15, etc.

  3. I agree. Why take a moment to politely pay respect to and recognize 30 years of success that you yourself would scratch out your own Mother’s eyes to achieve when there are so many more important bitch-slap-fest’s in which to engage?

    This isn’t a cartoonists meeting place. It’s Project Fucking Runway.

    God bless Larry -and his trains.

  4. Did someone slip on the catwalk ?

    ( Not a comment on Larry Wright’s work. His simplicity is amazing and very funny . )

    Today is anniversary day for Rosa Parks telling some racist punks she wasn’t going to move for THEIR stupid carcasses, because she was too tired.

    Let’s celebrate that.

    You Confederates can burn a cross…and hopefully, burn down your garage simultaneously.

  5. In comment to #2, I feel sorry for someone who does not like to celebrate anniversaries and/or birthdays. Please continue celebrating, “Kit and Carlyle,” cartoonist. I wish it was in either of our local papers. Our papers keep taking out the really cute & entertaining cartoons and put in more and more crudely drawn with crude story lines. I’m in Los Angeles county.

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