Nicole Hollander starts a blog

Interesting story from the Chicago Tribune about Sylvia creator Nicole Hollander’s new blog. Having a blog isn’t new – a lot of artists have them. What I find interesting is how an artist feels about losing a paper – not just any client paper – but their hometown paper.

When the Tribune dismissed “Sylvia” from its comics pages in February, Hollander thought things would work out the way they sometimes had in other places.

Sure, there were people who hated Sylvia, with her liberal politics, caustic quips and permanent cigarette. But readers who loved Sylvia loved her hard, and Hollander figured fans would protest. Their passion would melt editors’ heart. “Sylvia” would be reinstated.

It didn’t work that way, despite some protests.

“It was a body blow,” Hollander said, tucking her feet more tightly into the chair seat. “The world had changed. I realized that I had better start thinking about how to change.”

That new change was to start a blog to connect with Sylvia fans.

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  1. A friend of mine works in the same office building with her in Chicago. He said she is a very sweet lady. Sorry to hear about the Trib pulling the strip, Nicole.

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