Lucy Shelton Caswell retires from cartoon library

Lucy Shelton Caswell plans to retire as Curator of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, effective December 31, 2010.  Starting in March, she will return part time as Curator for Special Projects.  In that role, Lucy will focus her energies and expertise on the project to renovate Sullivant Hall as the new home for the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, as well as preparing exhibits and finding aids for collections.   Caswell stated, “I am delighted that I will be able to continue working on the things that are most important to me and to contribute to the progress of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum.”
In a letter to University Libraries employees, Director Carol Pitts Diedrichs, wrote “This arrangement is a good one for OSU and for Lucy.  She will have more time to pursue other activities;   meanwhile, the OSU Libraries will continue to benefit from her engagement with the renovation and her extensive knowledge of the collections.  The OSU Libraries is fortunate to have Associate Curator Jenny Robb, who will assume the leadership of the cartoon library and museum.”   Robb will become Curator on January 1, 2011. 

Diedrichs added, “I congratulate Lucy on her extra-ordinary career as the founding curator of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, one of the highlights of OSU and the most prominent collection of its kind in the world.   All of us are confident that it will continue to flourish under the leadership of Jenny Robb and with the assistance of Lucy Caswell.”

12 thoughts on “Lucy Shelton Caswell retires from cartoon library

  1. Wow, we all owe Lucy huge hanks and congratulations for making that center the extraordinary place that it is. The history of cartooning is better for her efforts over many, many years. What a richer world we live in, with that repository. Thank you, Lucy!

    And on an extended note: Congratulations to Jenny, as well. The position could not have been given to a nicer or more talented person.

  2. I have known Lucy for a long time and she is a true friend to cartooning and the consummate professional. I wish her well in her new position and congratulate Jenny on taking over as Curator. She has big shoes to fill, but she’ll do just fine.

  3. Huge thanks to Lucy for all of her years of service to the cartooning community.

    And congratulations to Jenny on her promotion! That’s great news for OSU!

  4. Lucy has always been extremely patient and helpful. She’s a great friend to cartooning fans and scholars. I’m pleased that she’ll remain active in the community.

    And I echo others’ sentiments regarding Jenny: a capable, skilled and conscientious person is stepping into the position. Congratulations, Jenny!

  5. Definitely, it cannot be overstated how much both Lucy and Jenny have done for our profession. They have helped publicize and legitimize our fields, and helped to expand our knowledge and understanding of its history and legacy. Thanks, and here’s to many more years of success!

  6. Once again, Alan, I point to the insanity of your like/dislike ratings system. Why did 3 people dislike my comment above? Can we find them? Send them to Gitmo?

  7. One thing that I have noticed about the like/dislike rating system is that one click can produce more than one check,ie. where there were no checks, there might be two after only one click. This might skew the numbers, Ted. It also might be that some raters are clicking to show support or dislike for a commentator, not necessarily the particular comment.

  8. I hope Lucy’s expertise will still find its way into the Festival of Cartoon Art extravaganzas. She’s one of the reasons they are on my “must do” list. I ask loved ones not to pass on just before or during that event because in Columbus I will be. 😉

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