Derf has most unique jury duty out ever

Knowing a serial killer has some advantages, I guess.

Lots of people try lots of things to get out of jury duty. Having been on a jury, I can understand why. However, when John Backderf wants to get out of a jury, all he has to do is tell people about his high school friend. When asked by the judge in a Cleveland, Ohio, courtroom if any of the prospective jurors knew anyone who committed any crimes, Backderf raised his hand and said, “I had a close friend in high school who killed 17 people.” Backderf was friends with serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in high school.

Not only was Backderf Dahmer’s friend, he’s also a graphic artist and cartoonist (known as Derf) who has written a graphic novel entitled My Friend Dahmer. Once Derf explained just who he was friends with, he was excused from the jury. He didn’t even have to pass the bailiff a love note!


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