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Mike Luckovich takes questions from readers

I’m not sure how often happens, but Atlanta Journal-Constitution editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovch has a feature on his blog called, “Lunch with Luckovich” wherein he takes questions through his blog’s comment section and answers them. As you can imaging, some questions are more interesting than others.

Here’s a sample:

“you were probably the least talented. You aren?t a great drawer and your cartoons are pretty much all the same”

What Mike needs are like and dislike buttons. :)

h/t: Tom Spurgeon

Community Comments

#1 wade brumett
@ 1:18 pm

aren’t drawers cabinetry?

#2 Pete McDonnell
@ 1:52 pm

Maybe the guy meant ‘drawler’. People in Georgia appreciate good drawlers, don’t they?

#3 Jim Lavery
@ 3:02 pm

Like or Dislike Buttons:

#4 D.D.Degg
@ 5:54 pm

“I?m not sure how often [it] happens…”

It’s a weekly feature.
Been happening every Wednesday since September 29.
It’s usually an hour, which is why this week’s is called a “short lunch.”

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