Rolling Stone interviews Garry Trudeau

Chip Kidd of Rolling Stone Magazine has interviewed Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau to mark the 40th anniversary of the strip. Rolling Stone has also posted 10 Doonesbury strips picked by Garry as his favorites. It also includes Garry’s narrative as to why he selected that cartoon.

A selection of the interview:

How did Doonesbury come about?

I started the strip as a junior. I had no expectation that it would continue. My goal was to be a graphic designer. After I graduated, I opened a design studio near the Yale campus. It was a going concern for about three years, but by then the strip had gained some real momentum. I finally had to make a decision about whether I was going to be a designer or a cartoonist. It was the middle of Watergate.

So the decision was made.

The decision was making itself with every passing day.