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Family Circus heading to the big screen?

Slash Film is reporting that a live action feature film is in the works for Bil Keane’s Family Circus. The film rights are held by 20th Century Fox and Walden Media.

Deadline says Fox and Walden competed for the rights with several other studios, but beat them out with a seven figure deal against their six figures. Bob Hilgenberg and Rob Muir, co-writers on Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, have been hired to write the screenplay. Producing the film are John Baldecchi (Ultraviolet, Cutthroat Island) and Stacy Maes (Jumper).

Baldecchi deserves points for persistence though; he spent two years calling and leaving messages in an attempt to persuade Bil Keane and his son (who inks and colors the comic) to make a movie, but they were resistant to the idea, so he never had any of his calls returned. One of those calls finally got through though, and he was able to convince them to move forward with the project. Apparently this is one brand Baldecchi didn’t intend to let slip by him.

Community Comments

#1 Justin Thompson
@ 11:20 am

I’d love to see this set in the early ’70s. Other than that I have a hard time picturing it- at least having it be distinctive over other family comedies.
Set in the early ’70s, this would be great.

#2 Tom Richmond
@ 1:13 pm

I’m pretty sure the “son” mentioned, AKA Jeff Keane also writes and draws the strip these days… and has for many years.

#3 Ed Power
@ 1:46 pm

OK. Let’s dream cast this puppy:

Dad/Bill: Shia LaBeouf
Mom/Thel: Megan Fox
Billy, Dolly, Jeffy and PJ: CGI
Not-Me: Daniel Day-Lewis
Barfy: The dog from Cujo

#4 Mark_Tatulli
@ 2:10 pm

I think they really need to play this tongue-and-cheek, the THE BRADY BUNCH movies.

#5 Mark_Tatulli
@ 2:10 pm

That should be “Tongue-in-cheek”…

#6 Stacy Curtis
@ 2:18 pm

Dad/Bill: Jeff Daniels
Mom/Thel: Jennifer Connelly
Billy: Dennis the Menace
The dashed line following Billy: CGI
Dolly: Susie Derkins, from “Calvin and Hobbes” fame
Jeffy: Jeff Keane cameo
PJ: SweetPea
Not Me and Dead Grampa: Casper or Charlie Brown in a sheet
Grandma: Betty White
Barfy: Alf

#7 Jesse Cline
@ 3:20 pm

Ed Power: “Billy, Dolly, Jeffy and PJ: CGI”

I like that. But who will do their voices?

Billy: Tracy Morgan

Dolly: Sacha Baron Cohen

Jeffy: Sean Connery

PJ: Country music superstar, Toby Keith

#8 Jason Chatfield
@ 6:50 pm

I think Jeff should just play himself (Jeffy).
He could dress up and everything- he loves that stuff!

#9 Scott Nickel
@ 7:37 pm

I hope they use the Osama storyline from Pearls Before Swine.

#10 Mark_Tatulli
@ 8:06 am

Jeff should play Thel. He loves dressing up like women.

#11 R Pyle
@ 8:45 am

This is the dumbest idea I’ve heard since that live-action movie based on The Sims.

#12 Jeff P.
@ 8:48 am

Hey, it’s being made by the guy who did ‘Cutthroat Island.’ That guarantees it’ll be a huge hit.

#13 Larry Levine
@ 2:28 pm

Leah Remini as Mommy
Larry David as Daddy

The kids should be CG animation, oval heads & all.

#14 Henry Clausner
@ 6:24 pm

not sure if it will work well, but lotsa luck with it

@ 6:27 am

Be nice if they did it on a round screen.

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