Dowling to publish baseball cartoon collection

Former Cincinnati Enquirer editorial cartoonist Jerry Dowling is putting together a book of his favorite illustrations and cartoons about the Cincinnati Reds.

The veteran cartoonist did not always portray his subjects in a flattering light. When Marge Schott bought the Reds in the early 1980s, he drew the new owner with a super-wide grin and keg around her neck, like St. Bernard dogs traditionally carried. (Marge loved the breed). When Schott came to the Enquirer office to accept a Woman of the Year award, Dowling thought it would be nice to present her with the original. Her reaction, “I’ll get you for this.”

This will be Dowling’s third book of his cartoons from more than 40 years on the Cincinnati sports scene. Drawing Pete! (Rose, of course) and Drawing Super Wars (on the Cincinnati Bengals) are available on the publisher’s website.

Book is due out later this month.

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