Archie Comics to feature Obama-Palin. Again.

Apparently the earlier cover featuring Obama and Palin was so good they felt they needed to do it again.

Archie Comics will announce on Tuesday variant covers on the Obama-Palin theme, with one cover showing Obama poised to clash with Palin in midair, while another ? labeled “The Fight for America!” ? depicting Obama and Palin sporting boxing gloves, prepped to spar with one other. Obama is dubbed “The Chicago Kid” while Palin gets named “The Thrilla from Wasilla.”

Archie Comics co-CEO Jon Goldwater told POLITICO that the company had received so much positive feedback on the first Obama/Palin cover (which made the rounds last week) they decided, why ruin a good thing?

4 thoughts on “Archie Comics to feature Obama-Palin. Again.

  1. Archie Comics has resorted to cheap stunts in order to get attention, then plays it off into single-issue sales that net non-comic buyers. While it certainly looks good on the bottom line, it certainly cheapens the value of the property.

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