Guiswite gifts Cathy originals to UU employees

Headline pretty much says it all. Every Andrews McMeel Universal employees to receive an original Cathy comic.

As Bill Amend noted, “Incredibly generous.”

6 thoughts on “Guiswite gifts Cathy originals to UU employees

  1. That’s very nice.

    As cartoonists know, their work is very personal. The terms “original artwork” and “one of my babies” has often been offered in the same sentence.

    I know one of my originals hangs in one of the AMU head dude’s offices, and I’d be proud to have one of Cathy’s hanging right next to mine! Her cartoons always been a fun one. I hope coming from a guy, that’s an extra compliment.

  2. For some reason, 2 people think my comment above is “innappropriate”??? Perhaps they’re looking for me to say….

    It’s not nice.

    Cartoonists’ originals aren’t important to them,

    My work is not in an AMU office.

    I would not be proud to have a piece of Cathy’s original work next to a piece of mine.

    Her cartoons have never been fun.

    I hope I’m not complimenting her.

    (But just know, Cathy, you do GREAT work!!!)

  3. These anonymous buttons are a nice touch. They should enhance communication, foster fellowship, and at the same time save on people making posts and explaining themselves.

  4. Dan, I’m ‘fessing up: I accidentally pushed the thumbs-down button on your #3. Freak accident, too – I didn’t even know my cursor was resting over the button, I twitched and saw the check-mark show up out of the corner of my eye. My apologies.

    That being said, I agree that it’s very nice of Ms Guiswite to gift original strips to her syndicate’s employees. Cheers to her and her successful syndication run.

  5. Oh, for the ability to edit comments! I meant your comment #2, Dan, I accidentally pressed thumbs down on your comment #2. Sigh – my hands haven’t had enough coffee.

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