Cathy’s parents interviewed on her retirement

The Bradenton Herald has published a different Cathy is ending after 34 years – they went out and interviewed Cathy Guisewite’s parents Ann and William – and as you might suspect, they’re fans of the strip.

From the Bradenton Herald:

“I’m thrilled that she finally decided to give it up,” her father says. “That was a hard decision, but we figured she’s created roughly 12,000 comic strips with those deadlines over the years.”

Ann Guisewite has clipped 34 years’ worth of “Cathy” comics from the newspaper, with a book for each year.

Asked if she has ever seen herself portrayed in Anne Andrews – Cathy’s mom in the cartoon – Ann Guisewite couldn’t help but laugh.

“Of course,” she said. “Moms think in certain ways.”

William Guisewite thinks Anne Andrews is “terrific.”

“She’s one of the main character in the strip that’s in it all the time,” he said. “The strip shows a great mother and daughter relationship. I like the development of that. It’s been super. It defines the strip in so many ways.”

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