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Ed Gamble laid off from Jacksonville Times-Union

Jacksonville Times-Union editorial cartoonist Ed Gamble was laid off from his position today according to the newspaper’s website. The paper mentions that Ed was only working part-time when he and 26 others were laid off in budget cutbacks.

Community Comments

#1 Steve Greenberg
@ 8:58 am

This is very sad. Ed was THE voice of the paper to everyone outside of the paper’s own market, and put in a great many years there. That should be rewarded with a gold watch and a grand retirement party… not a layoff.

#2 Joe Groshek
@ 11:54 am

This IS sad news. I live in Jacksonville, FL and read Ed’s editorail cartoons faithfully. Being an editorial cartoonist myself, Ed’s cartoons were one of the few things Jacksonville had to be proud of. Now I really don’t have a reason to subscribe to the newspaper anymore. I certainly hope their loss is another papers gain, and Ed can find one that values his talents. Best of luck Ed.

#3 Bob Weaver
@ 12:45 pm

In my opinion Mr. Gamble’s editorial cartoons were the best thing about the Florida Times Union newspaper. He always hit the political nail right on the head. Unfortunately, since Lucy Talley was appointed as publisher of the paper it has taken on a very left leaning approach to its political news coverage.

Mr. Gamble has just become one of the latest victims of the powerful liberal influence that continues to grow, and stifle truth within the main stream media.

Good luck to you Mr. Gamble, your cartoons have always been thought provoking and humorous while “telling it like it is.”

#4 Scott Stantis
@ 3:44 pm

Ed is a good and gracious man. He has given his all for the Times Union and has given an otherwise mediocre newspaper a much higher profile then it deserves with his many, many reprints over the years.

On a personal note, Ed was among the first cartoonists to call and congratulate me when I got the job at The Birmingham News 14 years ago. He was also among the first to do the same when I landed at the Chicago Tribune one year ago.

The Times Union should be erecting a statue and throwing him a parade. This is unspeakably cruel. My heart goes out to him and mourns for our profession.

#5 Will McClure
@ 2:49 pm

If anyone knows how to get in touch with Ed, I would appreciate it. We are looking to use some of his work and would like to make arrangements. Unfortunately, the Times-Union couldn’t help.

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