Creators to launch Dogs of C-Kennel

Mick and Mason Mastroianni, the grandsons of B.C. creator and Wizard of Id co-creator Johnny Hart, will be launching their own comic strip – The Dogs of C-Kennel on October 4 with Creators Syndicate. Mason is the lead cartoonist and writer for B.C. and according to Creator’s website, Mick is the head writer for Wizard of Id. The Dogs of C-Kennel was originally created by Mick back in 2006 and entered into development with Creators in 2007. Mason began working on the strip after he assumed work on B.C. after his grandfathers passing.

10 thoughts on “Creators to launch Dogs of C-Kennel

  1. This was the strip that was in development online, wasn’t it? I remember seeing it years ago and thinking it wouldn’t be long before it would be launched.

    Wonder why that model of development didn’t lead to a quicker launch.

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