Stay Tooned! – the “Mike” edition

As usual, John Read gives me an advanced sneak peak at his upcoming magazine (pictured above). This issue is dedicated to nine cartoonists whose first name is Mike or Michael. Rumor has it that Mike Lynch (one of the profiled cartoonists) is fond of saying, “you don’t have to be named Mike to make it as a cartoonist, but it don’t hurt!” Other cartoonists include: Mike Arnold, Mike Cope, Mike Edholm, Michael Jantze, Mike Marland, Michael Maslin, Michael Ramirez (who did the cover) and Mike Shapiro.

The magazine set to go to press at the end of the month. More information about John’s magazine is found on his website.

8 thoughts on “Stay Tooned! – the “Mike” edition

  1. Hey John,
    On behalf of the NJ Chapter, thanks so much for including one of our chapter’s very own -Mike Arnold! He’s a top notch cartoonist with a very professional style! We are proud to have him in our group!

  2. Me either, Stacy.

    Although, I think the next issue would have to be “Cartoonists Named Scott.” There’s gotta be at least a dozen of those darn guys in print & on the web.

  3. when my oldest son was about 2-3, he’d get mad if he wasn’t included or allowed to do something he really wanted and he’d stomp off to his room saying the worst words he could think of…..’doo-doo and pee-pee’. That having been said, since I was not invited to be a part of this really cool mag….I sulk off to my room now and leave you with one thought…..’doo-doo and pee-pee’!

  4. Not to worry, Mr. Beckom – you’re in good company. There’re still enough Mikes out there for me to produce an All-Mikes sequel. After all, this isn’t an Every-Mike issue!

  5. Hurrah for sequels! I was just yanking yer chain, Mr. R. I LOVE your mag. I still have the copy you sent me and re-read it from time to time. I just finished and graduated college last month. As soon as I’m gainfully employed, I’m gonna jump on-board the subscription train.

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