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Universal Uclick launches new corporate website

Universal Uclick has launched a new corporate website.

From their press release:

Universal Uclick, the world’s largest independent syndication company, announces the launch of, a website designed to showcase the company’s diverse selection of comics, editorial cartoons, text features, games and puzzles available in print, online and on mobile phones worldwide.

The new site features the entire catalog of Universal Uclick features, including everything from iconic comic strip feline Garfield to beloved advice columnist Dear Abby to global puzzle sensation Sudoku. The site’s new, clean design allows editors and publishers to experience each product and shows them how these products can increase their audience and drive repeat visits to any publication, website or mobile application.  

“The new gives visitors a one-stop shop where they can see our entire product catalog of diverse, high-quality features and games at the click of a mouse,” said Lee Salem, president and editor of Universal Uclick. “We’re now able to showcase our titles in a way that informs and entertains, with hundreds of world-renowned features and some of the most recognizable brands in existence.”

The new website also features the many creative solutions and licensing opportunities offered by Universal Uclick, including the leading pagination service, PageCaptain, hosted online services, custom online games and the exclusive Mobile Publisher product. Advertisers can find out about the many opportunities that exist in the Universal Uclick suite of top-rate websites like, and

Publishers can search for products and solutions by clicking on the various tabs or searching the site by feature name, keyword or category.  Universal Uclick representatives can be reached easily from the Contact page for consultation on content packages and recommendations for publications and websites.

Community Comments

#1 Alex Hallatt
@ 4:52 pm

Nice and clean with simple navigation on the opening page.

I wonder who did the spot illustrations though – surprised not to see a credit to them.

Has anyone got an iPhone here? What does the opening page look like on that?

#2 Alan Gardner
@ 5:20 pm

The site is well done. Makes other syndicate sites look aged (and not like a fine wine).

No mobile version of the site.

#3 Mike Cope
@ 6:08 pm

The creator profiles are a nice addition. At least, they’re not on on GoComics, so it’s neat learning a bit about the cartoonists working on each feature.

#4 Scott Nickel
@ 10:02 am

EEK! is buried in “Web Exclusive” — along with all the other strips Universal has no plans of promoting.

I feel so special.

#5 Steve Skelton
@ 3:45 pm

um, yeah…….Tell me again why we do this, Scott?

#6 Scott Nickel
@ 8:23 pm

For the glory, of course.

#7 Steve Skelton
@ 8:49 am

Havin a hard time payin my mortgage with glory!

#8 Ted Rall
@ 11:29 am

Haven’t you heard of T-shirts?

#9 Scott Kurtz
@ 12:22 pm

Make a tee shirt that reads “FOR THE GLORY” and has a crow quill pen dripping ink as the graphic.


#10 Gar Molloy
@ 2:14 am

It’s a trap! He’ll stick you for the copyright! :P

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