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Ron Rogers laid off by the South Bend Tribune

Rob Tornoe is reporting that South Bend Tribune editorial cartoonist Ron Rogers has been let go. Ron joined the paper in 2005 after three years of freelancing for them. Ron tells Rob, “I really can’t say anything bad about this. The Tribune has done well by me over the years. I was told in late July so I had time to get things together.”

Community Comments

#1 Stacy Curtis
@ 11:22 am

Sorry to hear this, Ron!

FYI — The only full-time editorial cartoonist left in Indiana is Gary Varvel at The Indianapolis Star.

#2 Kerry G. Johnson
@ 12:56 pm

Sorry to hear about this…

#3 Steve Greenberg
@ 11:23 am

Ron, if you read this, could you or would you return to freelancing there?

#4 Sara Sitar
@ 1:56 pm

My husband and I will miss you!!! Really great cartoons. I have other ways of finding you :)

#5 Bob Brunke
@ 8:39 am

I am also sorry to hear this. Your cartoons were a great part of the paper. I enjoyed working/talking with you and I am sure you will be missed by your co-workers. Good Luck!

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