3D movie attendance is trending downward

The Wrap reports that 3D movies are not doing well in theaters anymore citing higher ticket costs and lesser quality movies rushing in to capitalize on the craze.

After nearly 80 percent of those who saw “Avatar” saw it in 3D, it was assumed that the format would quickly overtake theatrical distribution.

But 3D’s box-office trajectory has been pointing downward almost ever since, with moviegoers apparently growing disinterested in paying high ticket prices for uneven quality.

Only 45 percent of opening box-office revenue for Universal’s hit animated family film “Despicable Me,” for example, came from 3D distribution.

There are still some proponents who maintain that 3D films aren’t going away, but that those doing 3D films need to make sure they are high quality.

Dreamworks co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg:

We believe 3D is very much here to stay and that audiences have a tremendous appetite for high-quality 3D content that can differentiate itself from the other choices in the marketplace.

9 thoughts on “3D movie attendance is trending downward

  1. I thought crappy content was part of the tradition of 3D movies? “Dr. Tongue’s House of 3D Stewardesses” was as good as “The Creature from the Black Lagoon,” and that was probably the best 3D movie ever made.

    Considering that producers are starting to cycle the same half-dozen characters through the same half-dozen scenarios with only nominal changes in the setting, maybe they should worry less about adding depth to the visuals and start adding some to the writing.

    What’s that the cartoonists say? “Good writing can save bad art, but good art won’t save bad writing.” Yeah. That.

  2. I ‘have seen these movies in 3-D in the past year: A Christmas Carol, Alice in Wonderland, Avatar, and Shrek Forever After.

    There’s even a recent Entertainment Weekly article about the rice and possible fall of the 3-D movie revival.

  3. It was just a matter of time before the novelty wore off. I spent $60.00 to take my family of four to see “Alice” in 3d and two d would have been just fine. Maybe better.

    Went to see AAA baseball game for $8 a ticket. It was in 3d too

  4. I saw Disney’s Christmas Carol in 3D, and I just liked watching the snow fall in 3D. That was, unfortunately, the only good part of that film.

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