Washington Post profiles Frank Cho

The Washington Post has posted an extensive profile of Liberty Meadows creator Frank Cho. The profile is the cover story for this Sunday’s Washington Post Magazine. The story goes into his history with the strip, his personal life challenges and his work with Marvel. It also discusses his attempts to penetrate the French market.

The May signing in Paris is his first introduction to his French fans, to be followed two days later by his first solo show at one of approximately five galleries in Paris devoted to illustration and comic art. Almost everyone who has come to see him today is male, in his 20s or 30s, and sports a piece of clothing bearing the image of a favorite superhero. Most of them, I learn, discovered Cho by reading “Liberty Meadows,” which grew out of a strip he created while attending Prince George’s Community College. “Liberty Meadows” chronicles the hijinks of a bunch of talking animals that include Ralph, a midget circus bear that likes to build dangerous gadgets, and Dean, a pig, a former fraternity mascot and, appropriately, a dedicated chauvinist. But the star is a voluptuous animal psychologist named Brandy, who Cho says is based on Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, pinup queen Bettie Page, and various girls he has lusted after starting in the second grade. (“I hit the ground running,” he tells me.)

The post has several videos covering the photo shoot for the magazine cover and interviews.

One thought on “Washington Post profiles Frank Cho

  1. Frank is my favorite comic strip creator! I hope he brings the Liberty Meadows strip back, one of these days! It would be a real comix shame if Frank didn’t return to the strip. Even if he just did it part time, like thru the comic book industry…I’m sure Marvel would jump at the chance to produce new L. M. strips in comic book form.

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