Six more cartoonists join Cartoonist Studio

Last June, I directed your attention to a newly launched site by eight cartoonists (Tom Batiuk, Dave Coverly, Greg Evans, Peter Guren, Jeff Keane, Rick Kirkman, Mike Luckovich and Jerry Scott) to showcase their studios and their work. They’ve added six more cartoonists: Chuck Ayers (Crankshaft), Jenny Campbell (Flo and Friends), Brian Crane (Pickles), Jan Eliot (Stone Soup), John Hambrock (Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee) and Tom Richmond (MAD Magazine cartoonist).

7 thoughts on “Six more cartoonists join Cartoonist Studio

  1. The site is really cool!

    They even let us amateur cartoonists showcase our work. Plus they are teasing about having a contest soon to find the world’s next cartoonist… similar to what the Post did recently!!!! This could be a huge opportunity for one of us wanna-bee’s future in this industry!!!!

  2. Don’t hold your breath about NCS, Alex.
    They are very snobbish about who gets to play in their sandbox.

    As for the Cartoonists Studio…
    What can I say except THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME!
    (and some of the nicest people I’ve never met-)

    They have created a nice place for many of us to hang out and get to know some of the best names in newspaper cartooning.
    I have enjoyed joining their site, and have been lucky enough to have been invited to produce a few things for special projects.

    I have a whole new respect for what these guys are doing and wish them continued luck in this endeavor. Shoot, I’m even reading comics now that I was never even remotely interested in reading before.

    See what happens when you’re nice to people.

  3. Er, Duane … you do realize that most, if not all, the cartoonists on the Cartoonists Studio are NCS members, and that the founding participants include six past and present board members, the current President of the NCS and the former President of the NCS Foundation? Or is your position that they are snobbish elitists by day and egalitarian freedom fighters by night?

  4. I know some of the people who started this website. NCS is strictly a site for their Cartoonist Association (a professional site). They did not try to make it a site to communicate with the fan base of public. The Cartoonist Studio is their attempt to get closer to their readers and fans of their strips. These folks are so down to earth, many don’t even know their celebrities. They are truly the nicest group of folks I’ve ever met.
    It’s important to recognize that NCS website’s purpose is for the members. The Cartoonist Studio was developed for the readers.

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